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Changing the Icons

All icons displayed in the main menu are loaded from .icns files in the “efi/refit/icons” directory. Changing those affects the default icons. The icons are grouped using prefixes like “os_” or “tool_” to show what they’re used for. The following sections describe each group.

Operating System Icon by System

rEFIt tries to identify which operating system the detected boot loaders belong to, and assigns an icon based on that. In some cases, it will look for several icon names, to allow targeted customization of the default icons. The following tables list the icon file names searched for EFI loaders and for BIOS boot sectors, as of rEFIt 0.8.

EFI Loader NameIcon Names
elilo.efi, e.efios_elilo, os_linux
cdboot.efi, bootmgr.efi, bootmgfw.efios_win
xom.efios_xom, os_win
Detected BIOS LoaderIcon Names
GRUBos_grub, os_linux
Windows NTLDR (NT4 to XP)os_win
Windows BOOTMGR (Vista)os_winvista, os_win
eComStation (OS2LDR or OS2BOOT)os_ecomstation
yellowTab ZETAos_zeta, os_beos
Haikuos_haiku, os_beos

When booting a BIOS-based operating system, rEFIt will also look for a corresponding “boot_” icon to show in the center of the blank grey screen while the firmware brings up its BIOS compatibility layer. If no such icon is found, “os_legacy” is used as a fallback.

If you replace or add any of these icons, make sure it has a 128x128 pixel icon image.

Operating System Icon by EFI Loader

To customize the icon only for a specific boot entry (e.g. Mac OS X on the internal disk), put the .icns file into the same directory as the EFI loader and give it the same name, e.g. “efi/linux/elilo.icns” if you use “elilo.efi”. Note that this method only works for operating systems that load through EFI, not for legacy BIOS-based systems.

Volume Icons

rEFIt automatically tries to load custom volume icons. However, this only works for HFS+ and FAT volumes; other file systems are not supported by the Mac firmware. These volumes will get the default volume icons depending on their type. You can customize the default icons by replacing the icon files starting with “vol_”. Make sure all volume icons (including custom icons) have a native 32x32 icon image.

Tool Icons

The icons starting with “tool_” and “func_” are used for the lower row in the boot menu, representing tools that ship with rEFIt and built-in functions. If you change those, make sure they have a 48x48 icon image.