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Restricting Access

You may want to remove the EFI shell from the menu, for example in a student lab setting. Here are some options to lock rEFIt down.

Disabling Tools

The “disable” command in the configuration file allows you to remove some or all of the entries from the lower row of the boot menu. That way you can prevent users from accessing the EFI shell through rEFIt.

Removing the Shell and Tools

If you want to be extra sure that the EFI shell is not accessible, you can simply remove the “efi/tools” folder. (Also remove the “efi/refit/apps” folder if you still have it from an earlier version of rEFIt.) rEFIt only shows icons for the tools that are actually present on the disk, so this has the same effect as the “disable” command described above.

Password Protection

rEFIt currently does not allow you to password-protect specific menu entries. Also, since “refit.efi” is configured as the legitimate boot loader, it effectively circumvents the firmware password protection.