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rEFIt Documentation

Welcome to the online documentation for rEFIt. The documentation is organized by tasks.

If something does not work as expected, check out the troubleshooting section of the web site.


Installing rEFIt
Instructions for installing rEFIt on your Intel Mac for the first time.
Updating rEFIt
Installing a new version or rEFIt when you already have it installed.
Removing rEFIt
How to remove rEFIt from your Mac.
Handling Mac OS X Updates
Installing a Mac OS X update or using Startup Disk may disable rEFIt. Here’s how to re-enable it.
Burning a Bootable CD
Detailed instructions for burnig a bootable rEFIt CD.


Getting into the rEFIt menu
How to bring up the rEFIt menu when your computer starts up.
Starting an Operating System
Navigating the menu and choosing the operating system to boot.
Using the EFI Shell
A primer of the EFI shell.


Changing the Icons
How to change the icons shown in the menu.
Restricting Access
Options to lock down rEFIt, e.g. for a lab scenario.
The refit.conf Configuration File
Configuration options available through the refit.conf configuration file.


See also the new troubleshooting section of the web site.

Legacy Booting: Not Found Error
Read this if you get "Not Found" errors when booting Windows.
Bluetooth Keyboard Problems
My Apple Wireless Keyboard doesn't work in rEFIt/LILO/Windows. Why?
General Keyboard Problems
The keyboard doesn't work in LILO or Windows. Can you fix rEFIt?
No rEFIt menu after Safe Sleep or power loss
My Mac lost power and when it started up again there was no rEFIt menu. Why?
Linux partition shows as EFI System (FAT)
My Linux partition is marked as type “EFI System Partition (FAT)” in the MBR partition table. How did that happen and how do I fix it?
Linux partition shows as FAT32
My Linux partition is marked as FAT32 in the MBR partition table. How do I fix it?