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Goals and Ideas

The rEFIt project has a wider scope than just the boot menu. Some areas that could use attention are:

Some of these points are detailed in the following sections. If you have additional ideas, feel free to post them to the feature request tracker. Anyone who wants to actually implement one of the ideas is invited to join the project as a developer.

Boot Menu

Some ideas for the boot menu and its UI infrastructure:

UI Infrastructure

The graphical functions of the boot menu have already been split into a separate module. Some plans here:

Mac OS X Integration

To improve user friendliness, there is a need to provide better integration with Mac OS X. Some ideas:

Disk Partitioning

Boot Camp requires a hybrid GPT/MBR partition table to work properly. rEFIt includes a tool to update the MBR table after editing the GPT table, but it would be much better to have partitioning tools that support the hybrid format directly. GNU Parted looks promising — it already supports GPT, and has file system resizing code for most common file systems. Some tasks:

File system drivers

EFI supports the FAT file system family out of the box, and Apple also includes a driver for HFS+. Additional drivers would be useful, especially for ext2/ext3 and ISO9660. The code in GNU grub could serve as a starting point.

To load the drivers, rEFIt would be extended to load all .efi files in the \efi\refit\drivers directory automatically.