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Legacy Booting: Not Found Error

Problem: When choosing a legacy operating system (e.g. Windows) from the rEFIt boot menu, you get an error message saying "Error: Not found while loading legacy loader".

Solution: If you have a Mac Pro and are running rEFIt 0.7 or earlier, this is a known problem that is fixed in rEFIt 0.8. (This may also apply to other recent Core 2 Duo based models.)

If you have another model of Intel Mac: To boot legacy operating systems on the iMac, MacBook Pro (15") or Mac mini, you need to install the firmware updates published together with Boot Camp. Here’s a table of the firmware versions as seen in System Profiler:

ModelOriginal firmwareBoot Camp enabled firmware
MacBook Pro 15"MBP11.0044.B02MBP11.0055.B03
Mac miniMM11.004B.B00MM11.0055.B03