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Removing rEFIt

The procedure to remove rEFIt depends on which method you used to install it.

The instructions on this page assume you installed rEFIt on your Mac OS X volume. If rEFIt is installed on a separate volume, simply select a different volume to start up from, or wipe that volume.

Removal when using rEFItBlesser

If you installed through the installer package, these instructions are for you.

While booted into Mac OS X, rename or remove the “efi” folder. For a 100% clean de-installation, also remove the folder “rEFItBlesser” inside “Library/StartupItems”.

Removal for manual installs

First, open the “Startup Disk” preference pane and select “Mac OS X” as the operating system to boot. This will re-bless your Mac OS X volume and instruct the firmware to boot from it. After this, rename or remove the “efi” folder.


If Mac OS X no longer starts up after removing rEFIt, boot from the Mac OS X Install Disc (hold down the ‘C’ key while booting) and run “Startup Disk” from the “Utilities” menu. There, select “Mac OS X” on your hard disk as the operating system to boot.